ISO – C series of trimmed sizes

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  • September 5, 2022

ISO – C series of trimmed sizes

Designation Size, mm inches
C0 917X1297 36.10X51.06
C1 648X917 25.51X36.10
C2 458X648 18.03X25.51
C3 324X458 12.76X18.03
C4 229X324 9.02X12.76
C5 162X229 6.38X9.02
C6 114X162 4.49X6.38
C7 81X114 3.19X4.49
C8 57X81 2.24X3.19
C9 40X57 1.57X2.24
C10 28X40 1.10X1.57

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