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Andhra SuperPrint

Andhra SuperPrint 70 GSM is a multipurpose paper in a pleasant white shade. This multi-purpose paper, ideal for high volume printing, everyday documents, bulletins, reports, forms and faxes. It saves time, money and life of equipment. Andhra SuperPrint 70 GSM is optimized for use in all high speed printers and fax machines.

Andhra SuperPrint

Andhra Primavera
  • Designed for high volume multipurpose paper for double side printing applications and general printing uses.
  • Bright paper in a pleasant white shade.
  • Produced with ECF Pulp technology.
  • Reams are produced in a state-of-the-art process to ensure high cut fidelity and consistent performance.

Key Quality Parameters Unit Specifications
Basis Weight GSM 70 ± 2.5%
Thickness microns 98 ± 3%
CIE Whiteness   153 ± 3
Brightness % ISO 91 ± 1
Opacity % 93 ± 2
Bendtsen Smoothness ml / min 350 ± 50

Engineered to run multipurpose applications of single and double side printing, saving time, money and healthy life of equipment.

  • Customized for all types of Printing jobs of LaserJet, Inkjet printers & Fax machines.
  • Highly suitable for all types of Jobbers.

Packaging:  10 Reams carton packing in A4.

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