ISO – B series of trimmed sizes

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  • September 5, 2022

ISO – B series of trimmed sizes

Designation Size, mm inches
B0 1000X1414 39.37X55.67
B1 707X1000 27.83X39.37
B2 500X707 19.68X27.83
B3 353X500 13.9X19.68
B4 250X353 9.84X13.90
B5 176X250 6.93X9.84
B6 125X176 4.92X6.93
B7 88X125 3.46X4.92
B8 62X88 2.44X3.46
B9 44X62 1.73X2.44
B10 31X44 1.22X1.73

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