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Andhra Millenium Copier -75 & Carton & Ream-Combo 3D

Andhra Millenium Copier is designed for everyday printing needs.

AMC is a high bright, premium multi-purpose office paper. It is engineered for high quality color printing application. It undergoes rigorous testing programs to give a superior performance on different types of Photo Copier machines and ink jet printers. AMC is a superior brand of Andhra Paper Limited that promises consistent quality and excellent performance.

Andhra Primavera
  • High Brightness paper 93+.
  • Produced with ECF Pulp.
  • Reams are produced in a state-of-the-art converting line to ensure high cut fidelity and
    consistent performance.
  • Offers good performance in Photocopy, Inkjet, Laser, Digital and all other printing machines.
  • Available in A4/A3/FS sizes in 75 GSM

Technical Specification:

Key Quality Parameters Unit Specs
Basis Weight GSM 75 ± 2.5%
Thickness microns 103 ± 3
CIE Whiteness - 160 ± 1
Brightness % ISO 93 ± 1
Opacity % 94 ± 1
Bendtsen Smoothness ml / min 280 Max.
  • Tested for reliable print quality and runnability in all multifunctional machines.
  • Saving Time
  • Money and extending equipment life ​
  • Applications: Optimized for use in Inkjet and Laser all in one machines
  • Available Sizes: 10 Reams carton / Shrink packing in A4 and FS, 5 Reams carton packing in A3.

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